Piles, Part 2

Today was Quilt Guild Day and lunch afterwards with the girls.  We had a nice discussion at lunch about piles.  Apparently my post yesterday really started people thinking about their own  piles.  So after much careful research, I have learned a few things and would like to share these lessons with you.

  1.  We all have piles.

  2.  It’s not having them that’s the problem, it’s managing them.

  3.  When managing them, you should touch each piece of paper only one time.

  4.  Time is a relative term.  For example, you can touch things one time this morning, one time this afternoon and one time this evening.  In other words, it can be an ongoing thing.

  5.  Having piles makes you a pilot.  (See Cindy’s comments on yesterday’s pile post.  Hubby will be glad to know this about me.)

  6.  It is physically impossible to leave the second half of your sandwich on your plate to take home for leftovers.  Several of us tried it today and proved it impossible to do.  I think it has something to do with our deep desire to eliminate piles.

  7.  It is much easier to share lessons learned about anything after an afternoon nap with a snuggly kitty on the couch.  (Wish I had a picture.  Man, was he snuggly today!)

OK – maybe those last two have nothing to do with piles.  But I learned them today and wanted to share them anyway.

Also, yesterday I went to visit my friend, Lani, and learned that she has very different piles in her house.  So I got some pictures to share.

These are Lani’s sewing room piles.  All of a sudden my piles don’t look so bad.  Lani, as you can tell, is in the process of moving…..twice.  She is about to set off on a big 2 year adventure in New York City!  We had “Blog Training” yesterday.  You can now officially start hounding her to start a blog.  (Psssst….. I think she’s ready.)

These are the piles in Lani’s kitchen.  See?  Very different from my piles.  These are a result of Lani’s move #1 that does not involve NYC.  (And if you were to get technical this is really move #2 and NYC will be move #3)  Lani is a very busy girl.  I doubt if she had time to have an afternoon nap on the couch with a kitty.  Well, that would be kind of hard anyway since she doesn’t have a kitty.  Instead…….

She has Wilson.  “Hi, Wilson!”  Wilson is the overseer of Lani’s piles.  He was quite happy to follow us from room to room when I was there to make sure we didn’t disturb any piles.  And if she took a nap on the couch with him, there would not be any room for her.  Just sayin’.  Boo is a big cat, but he could never take up as much room on the couch as Wilson.

So thanks for all your wonderful tips on what to do about piles.  Oh, wait.  You didn’t send any tips!  But you did make me feel like I was not alone in pile making.  Perhaps we should start a club.  Pile Makers Unite!  Now I’m on a mission to find better ways to contain the piles.  And display them proudly!

Any ideas?


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2 Responses to Piles, Part 2

  1. Libby says:

    A sandwich is a pile – usually bread, meat, other stuff, more bread – so it’s best to not leave it! Adds to the pile count. Also, “nap on sofa with cat” is also a pile – sofa, owner, sometimes a quilt, then cat! This pile can only be deconstructed and not consumed.

  2. Suz says:

    I love Wilson! And I love the idea of the sandwich pile, which should not be left under any circumstances…unless there are olives on it, of course! I’m just sayin…

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