The Story of a Quilt…..

Once upon a time there was a girl named Janna.  She played the clarinet in the band in her high school years.  And collected t-shirts along the way.  You remember Janna?


Way back in the year 2010 she came to my house and we bought fabric to make her t-shirt quilt.  This is Janna ironing the interfacing to the back of each and every t-shirt.  She was optimistic in her thinking and thought that she would be snuggling under that quilt by her birthday in September.  2010.  She must have forgotten a bit about how her Aunt Barb operates.

But this is the story of her quilt.  And I can contain it no longer….. her quilt is done.  Finished.  Completed.  Finished is a beautiful word when it comes to quilts.

You can read about the beginnings of Janna’s quilt here:

Janna’s T-shirt Quilt

But today I’m all about the conclusion of this quilt’s story…..

This is how the t-shirts looked as we arranged them that first day on my design wall.

This project travelled with me to many a JSS Retreat.  If I’d stop blogging at retreats, I might actually get my projects finished sooner.  But you know that is never going to happen.  And Janna crossed her fingers with every retreat.  Hoping that her quilt would be finished one day and she’d be able to snuggle under it.

In October, I finally finished the very last of the binding at retreat.  There was even voting about the border!  Thankfully, Janna voted correctly since I’d already decided the outcome before the voting began.  And was stitching the green border to the quilt as the votes came in.

Then on Thanksgiving Day, after the turkey and all the trimmings, as Janna got comfy in the recliner with a blanket…. I went to the car and brought in The Quilt.

Janna hurriedly unfolded it.  You can tell she was hurrying because of how blurry it is.  Her Dear Hubby’s mother, Kaye, is looking on.  We had Thanksgiving at Kaye’s beautiful lake home and it was wonderful.

By the way – I should point out that the quilt had already been cat tested and approved.

By Miss Kitty……..

And by Boo, too.  Cats are attracted to quilts like a magnet.  Lay one on the floor and just try to keep them off of it.  Impossible.

Janna showed her Dear Mom & Mom#2 the label.  I named the quilt “Marching Memories.”

Then she held it high for a pic.

This is Janna and the label.  See her big smile?  There is happiness and relief in that smile.  Relief that she finally got her quilt!  Getting a quilt from Aunt Barb seems to be a lesson in patience these days.

Janna sent me this pic later so I’d have a good one of the whole quilt.

But this is my favorite.  Janna folded up the blanket she had planned to cover up with lickety-split and put it away.  So she could snuggle under her new quilt in the recliner.

And I will picture her and her Dear Hubby watching movies, cozily under their new quilt.  As soon as they get back from their anniversary vacation in Hawaii where they are right now!  Celebrating 5 years of marriage.  Happy Anniversary, Janna & Paul!

And they lived happily ever after.

The End.

What?  After all, the story started with once upon a time.  Doesn’t that mean it has to end with happily ever after?

Aunt Barb

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6 Responses to The Story of a Quilt…..

  1. Suz says:

    Yea! We are all celebrating with you, Janna! I’d say it was worth the wait!

  2. Kaye Bowling says:

    I just love stories with a happy ending! We enjoyed having everyone in our home for Thanksgiving…. we are blessed!

  3. Cindy Smith says:

    Good job Barb. I’m so proud of you!

  4. Awesome job, Ms. Barb!!! I love it – the quilt and the story book ending!! It’s been so long since I’ve finished something that I was bordering on jealous!!! LOL I LOVE that you were sensitive enough in your spirit to divine what border was going to be elected!! You are a superior aunt, quilter and blogger!! 😀
    Mary Lou
    PS — Word me up on Words w/Friends!! I’ve lost your id!! 🙂 mlcasada

  5. Patty Spinelli says:

    Great Job!!! Janna looks so very happy……

  6. What is that thing? A whole quilt? A FINISHED quilt? I’m not sure what one looks like but that has all the earmarks of one! I mean binding and everything! What will you work on at the next retreat! I have a few you can finish now that you have the hang of it. You may even start a trend! Naaaaah! Maybe not! Seriously, good job! You got the best “thank you” possible – – a big smile and a hug for the quilt!

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