Reunion, camping & major relaxing

Last weekend Dear Hubby, Boo and I went to Lake Murray State Park in Oklahoma for Hubby’s family reunion.  We went in our motorhome to enjoy a relaxing time.  Time slows down when you travel in a motorhome.  Lots of time for deep breathing and sighs of relaxation.  Are you sighing and deep breathing just reading about it?  I am.  Typing this just takes me back to the campground. 

Can you picture it now?  Just breathe in deeply and let it out  s l o w l y.  It was so nice in the big trees.  Shade is always a good thing when the temps are in the 90’s.

Doesn’t this guy look like he’s having fun relaxing at the lake?  I have no idea who he is or if he caught any fish that day.  But he looks very relaxed to me.  So much so that I fear he could tip that chair right into the lake any minute.  Not to worry.  He was still safe in his chair when we left the lake that evening.  I trust he made it home safely.  With or without fish.

And don’t these kids look like they are having a great time?  Forget the fact that the hottie on the dock is about to lose his drawers.  I just can’t get used to wearing the pants that way.  Now I’m showing my age, aren’t I?  I better move on……

Here’s some of Dear Hubby’s family – his Aunt Willadene is in blue – looking at old pictures and remembering good times together.  It’s what we do at family reunions.  It’s a requirement for attendance.  Don’t ask me who all these people are.  It is hubby’s family after all.  And just because I’ve been to this reunion multiple times is no reason for me to remember all these names.

But wait!  That’s Willa Mae on the left and Aunt Willadene on the right.  I know that because I can read Willa Mae’s name tag.  At least I think I can read it.  If I have it wrong, I know someone reading this blog will correct me in the comments.  It’s what happens when the names aren’t right.  There is always someone around to set us straight.  Don’t they look like they are having a good time?

This is Roberta on the left and Hubby’s cousin, Donna, on the right.  Donna is a writer and she likes my blog!  Hi Donna!  Roberta is a relative too, but don’t ask me how she’s related.  Just be happy that I remembered her name.  It is Roberta, isn’t it?

That’s Glenn and Franklin (at least I hope I read their nametags correctly – thank goodness for nametags!)  They are sharing stories of the good ol’ days…. that’s what happens at family reunions.  Pictures and stories…… required.

That’s Mark’s Uncle Thurman.  You can’t get a picture of him without a camera.  He’s the designated photographer it seems.  If memory serves me correctly (and don’t count on it), he is the person who got my Dear Hubby interested in aviation.  I don’t know whether to thank him or be upset with him.  Aviation is a very expensive hobby.  But then again, it is always nice if Hubby’s hobby is more expensive than my hobby – quilting.  He only has to go flying one time and I get to buy loads of fabric to keep up.  It’s a good thing.

This is Josh.  Aren’t those killer eyes?  He was very interested in showing me the rock that he found.  I was just interested in those eyes.  He’s gonna be attracting little girls by next week with those eyes, don’t ya think?  I think he stole my heart.

This is Josh’s little brother.  He was only interested in his cookie.  I can totally understand.

Josh’s parents had a message for the rest of us.  If I’d have had peanuts in any of my food that day, I’d have hightailed it back to the RV with them!  Or fed the fish.  No peanuts for Josh!

I’m still trying to figure out what this sign meant.  It was actually near a slab of concrete where I think there used to be a dumpster.  Wonder what kind of garbage was acceptable for the dumpster?  I hadn’t planned on bringing any garbage from home along, but wouldn’t the RV garbage be considered household too?  It’s a mystery.

And then on the way home, I had to play with the camera settings…….

This picture was taken with my camera color setting set to “vivid.”

And this one was just on the plain ol’ regular setting.  I think I might have to take all my pictures set on “vivid” from now on.  All of life can now be “vivid.”  Good idea, don’t ya think?

Boo’s favorite place to ride in the motorhome…… Mom’s lap.  Here he is getting a little neck scratching along the road.  See the quilt on the dashboard?  I really wanted to be sewing the binding.  But that is impossible with a cat who wants his neck scratched in your lap.  I know, I know.  Spoiled kitty!

And then when I got up to go use the bathroom (one of the many, many benefits – according to Hubby – of traveling in a motorhome….. not having to stop for bathrooms!)…….

THIS is what greeted me when I got back to my seat.  Is that a smile I see on that cat face?  More like a smirk, maybe?

He even turned around to face me but still wouldn’t give up the seat.  See the smile on that cat face?  I’m telling ya.  He’s feeling quite proud of himself.  And I sat on the floor and stitched my binding the rest of the way home.  I’m a sucker for a smiling cat.

Looking forward to the next trip – even if I have to sit on the floor,
Boo’s Mom

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4 Responses to Reunion, camping & major relaxing

  1. Aunt Willadene says:

    Why didn’t you erase all those ugly wrinkles from Willa Mae and my face. It makes us look so OLD and everyone knows we’re just 59!!! I also like the pictures of Boo smiling. I actually thought cats were just cats, but since I’ve had Dolly (3 weeks today)
    when Donna and I got back to my house, I picked her up and said “give me a kiss” and she gave me two. She puts her lips up to mine. Donna took her and said the same thing to her and she turned her head to look at me. She knows who she’s biting and scratching to make me look like I’ve been in a war zone.
    Now for the reunion news. You aren’t the only one to get people mixed. Thurman is working hard on “the Wanzor girls” to figure out who’s who. I think he just about has it down. Actually, after they all grew up I had a hard time keeping Joann and Shirley straightened out.
    Good job on the pictures, Barb.

  2. Pam says:

    What fun! Sorry I missed the reunion. Mom commented that she was looking forward to a post about the reunion. You did great!
    Thanks Roving Blogger!!!!!!!!

  3. Looks like Boo is a seasoned traveler. My Rowdy Ranger won’t be so calm for sure.

  4. kiotta says:

    I guess you & you cat really had a good & relaxing time! Beautiful pictures, I love camping too, thank you for posting 🙂


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