Random Retreat Pics

OK  – we’re going with font #2 today, for no particular reason than that it is the default for some reason on this crazy thing.  And no, I cannot make it blacker…….oops!  Maybe I can……….  So far the votes are neck and neck with 2 apiece.  So don’t be surprised if you never see either of these fonts again.  See?  I’m all about pleasing you…..<grin>  

 I’m going with the ‘random pics’ post today.  “Just get ’em up there, Barb!”  I hear you saying that to me so I aim to please.  I KNOW you just want to see the pics after all and NOT a bunch of text from me.  So ON WITH THE PICTURES!  (That’s me shouting to myself here.)      

As usual the quilts take on a life of their own at The Compass Centre:      

cats insert themselves into all the other projects and BOMS and fruit insert themselves into cats….

Some quilts got some really pretty borders………

that were really just the BACKS of great quilts being hidden from their owners!

One quilt got a LOT of silly embellishments  
Hair received all kinds of adornments………..   

And if you received a gift of any kind…………

Apparently it was a requirement for it to sit on your head!

…….or forehead………………………………….. or just adorn your head in some way  

Newbie Pat got in BIG trouble when she went AWOL without permission from the group – she was locked out when she got back!  But her smile gives away that she wasn’t toooooooo upset……………

………….and she had a really pretty quilt to show the group!

Madelyn’s “T’s” made a very pretty quilt for her father who graduated from Texas Tech!  

And Judy “hid” in plain sight in front of Sue H’s on point quilt! 

One retreater even tried to help with a blog name…… although at least presently, her advice was not taken!

I’m learning here…… and it’s getting a bit better!  So taking a break for tonight and will post more tomorrow!  I think that’s the smart thing to do (keep ’em coming back, Barb – that’s the ticket!) and will give me more to say tomorrow.  I’ve had such fun today reading all the comments as you all logged on.  Just a bit of trivia….. I can look at stats for the site (didn’t I tell you I was keeping tabs?)  Yesterday there were 15 views on the site (apparently all of them ME!) and today there were   131 !!!!!!!!  I love my fans already!  LOL!

And OH, by the way….. Boo says hi and…..

…………”don’t take my toy!”

Until tomorrow…… go get some quilting done!

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8 Responses to Random Retreat Pics

  1. Suz says:

    I could look at retreat pics ALL DAY! I love having them right on the blog…very convenient. Awesomation!

  2. Karen says:

    Love the pictures and can’t wait for more.

  3. Judy Linn says:

    The hills are ALIVE with the Sound of Retreat! I hear them with every snapshot!!!!

    And YES, the smiles are PRICELESS!!!!

  4. Susan says:

    Some of those pics are just hilarious! Love re-living the moments. Love the quilts! The font is great….hi, Boo!

  5. Brittany Foster says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I have seen your blog. It’s pretty neat to see all the quilts. 🙂

  6. Sally says:

    This is just THE BEST!!!! We are soooo blessed to have such a fabulous groups of ladies and it’s such fun feeling the laughter again. Barb, you ROCK!!!!

  7. LaLa says:

    Great job of posting the funny retreat pictures Barb!!!Hugs

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