Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants

My friend, Judy gave me a kick in the pants last week.  Not literally and it didn’t hurt too bad because it was done via email.  She was out of town recently and unable to attend JSS Bee Day and wanted to know if I had taken pics.  I emailed back that I had and maybe I should blog.  Her ALL CAPS response felt like a kick in the pants.  She even told me I could just put all the pics on a blog.  I didn’t have to write a thing.  Ha!  She knew that would never happen.

So then I got in the shower and started thinking about blogging.  Just so you know, I write my best blogs in the shower.  Now if I could just remember them when I get out of the shower, we’d be good.  Somehow I don’t think my laptop, tablet or smartphone would like it in the shower with me.  But if somebody hears of a waterproof version of any of those?  I need one.  You might get a lot more blogs from me.

Here’s another reason I haven’t been blogging….


Seriously.  How is one to type when this sweet boy is laying on the laptop?  And walking on the keyboard.  And chasing the little arrow around the screen.  And biting my hands.  And getting into everything.  And…….

I had forgotten what it was like to have a kitten around the house.  If I ever think of getting one again, would somebody please remind me?

Well, anyway – on with the show!  This blog’s for Judy……

I only took pics of Show ‘n Tell.  No pics of food.  Sorry Judy.  I’m out of practice.  Suffice it to say all the food was good and Mardi Gras related.  Including the cake with the baby inside.  Whatever that means.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (2)This quilt is one we made for a member of our Bee who is going through chemotherapy right now.  Suz organized the whole thing and we all made blocks to make this wonderful quilt for Nancy to take along with her to her treatments.  And just cuddle with whenever she needs an affirming word.  Because we all wrote words of encouragement on it.  And it turned out great!  More about this one later in the blog.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (3)This is the back.  One block didn’t arrive in time in the mail to make it into the front of the quilt.  So it is on the back.  Davene stitched the binding.  And is pointing out the special block on the back from Lani.  Jules did the quilting.  And Pam donated fabric for backing.  Good friends coming together for a friend in need.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (5)Not sure what’s going on with these two, but Davene made the cute little apron she’s wearing out of a man’s shirt!  And everyone wanted to know how to make one of their own.  It just might need to be a retreat project next month.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (7)Cindy showed us some special family heirlooms (at least I think that’s what these were.  I’ve slept too many times since Bee Day.)  Gloria and Davene looking on.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (8)This is another of Cindy’s.  I’m sure there is a story.  Ask Cindy.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (9)This crazy patch pillow was Cindy’s too.  Very cool.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (10)Kay has been working on <gasp> needlepoint!  But isn’t it beautiful?

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (11)Three ladies got Christmas blocks from Nancy at our Bee Day.  This is Patti.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (12)And Sally…….

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (13)And Dede is going to get this one to Pam.

Christmas goes on and on in this group.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (14)Patti showed us this wonderful embroidered quilt she made.  Isn’t the hanger for it cute?  And very appropriate.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (15)Lynn has been on a machine embroidery kick with a friend.  She had this apron.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (16)……. and also this piece with all her family names and birthdays on it.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (17)Lynn also showed us this cute table runner.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (18)Karen and Sue collaborated on this special quilt – I think it’s for a family member?  Wedding gift maybe?  Someone will correct me if I’m wrong, I’m sure.  Feel free to comment, Karen or Sue, and tell us the story behind the quilt!

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (19)Sue also finished this beautiful tumbling blocks quilt.  All hand pieced.  She took a class with me on hand piecing some time ago and finished this quilt.  She even added piping in her binding for a special touch.  Beautiful, Sue!

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (20)Sue also made this cute wall hanging of leaves.  Nice.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (21)

And Sue was binding this quilt for a friend.  And that’s all I remember about the story behind this one.  Only you have to see the corners up close and how Sue is doing them……

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (22)Yikes!  Do you see how she’s going around those hexagon edges?  We all told her to just whack it off straight and make it easy on herself.  What did you end up doing, Sue?  Did you listen to the group?  We may need an updated picture on this one!

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (23)This one is Suz’.  She was working on the binding.  It’s fabulous, Suz!

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (26)This is Cookie’s Inklingo mystery quilt!  The Case of the Secret Garden.  All finished and quilted.  I’m working on this mystery too.  Mine will probably be finished in about 2025.  But you must see the quilting on Cookie’s up close……

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (24)Oh, my.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (25)Isn’t it amazing?  One more…..

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (27)Unbelievable quilting!  And unbelievable piecing too.  Cookie’s first Inklingo project!

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (28)This lovely purple quilt is Cookie’s too.

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (29)This is the back.  It’s much more purple than it looks in this picture.  Why does purple turn blue in pictures anyway?

And after the Mardi Gras lunch…….

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (31)Stitching was happening!  Lynn and Sue….

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (32)Cookie and Kay.

And on the way home, 4 of us stopped by Nancy’s to deliver her quilt…..

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (33)Sorry for the blur, but I knew you would all want to see this picture of Nancy’s initial reaction when it finally hit her that the quilt was for her and not just some quilt we’d stopped by to show her.  And then she immediately did this:

Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants (34)She wanted to look at it up close and personal and read every block.  It was a special, special time!

And that’s how Bee Day went last month.  Did I do OK, Judy?

Maybe you all should hire Judy to kick me more often?

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11 Responses to Bee Day and a Kick in the Pants

  1. Lani says:

    I’m SO GLAD Judy kicked you in the pants!!! This was FABULOUS in SO MANY ways! I absolutely loved seeing all the quilts, and the JSS’ers, and Nancy’s reaction…. which was captured perfectly!! Thanks to all for including my block on her quilt:-). I can’t wait to be with y’all in person at the next Bee!!
    PS. I understand the shower scenario all too well ;-)!

  2. Diane says:

    So glad Judy typed in CAPS!!!! Loved the show n’ tell!!!!! You’re cookin’, Barb!!!!!

  3. Madelyn says:

    So sorry I missed Bee that day. What a show and tell!!! Can’t wait for the meeting at my house in March.
    Go Judy, for kicking Barb ☺️

  4. Cindy Smith says:

    Barb, I’m so relieved you finally started blogging again! I check your blog about every other day and am so happy to see pictures of something other than snow. Love the picture of Pappy. He is such a cute boy. The two quilts I brought to show and tell were made for my dad before he was born in 1930. I found them in a cedar chest at mom’s house. The crazy patch pillow belonged to my great grandmother Lena (1875-1963). I believe some of her friends made it for her. I love your blog. When I read it I hear your voice in my head. It’s like having a portable Barb. Awesome!

  5. Pam says:

    Thanks to Judy. I had to miss Bee as well and was glad to see all the pics and read about the quilts. Just to clarify, Jules donated the backing. I donated the batting.
    Great job Barb!

  6. Brenda Milum says:

    Even though I am not a quilter, I still stop to read the post and look at these masterpieces. I particularly like the Inklingo one. Gorgeous! And the sweet quilt for Nancy. What a wonderful group of friends you all are to each other.

  7. Patty Spinelli says:

    Thanks Barb for the great blog and pics….It was so sweet to see Nancy reaction to her quilt.
    Thanks Judy for the all CAPS kick in the pants…
    Blessings to all of the JSSers.

  8. Peggy says:

    Great job, Barb! It was just like being there in person……Judy can kick you in the pants anytime!

    Looking forward to next Bee, Peggy

  9. Yay for Judy and her kick in your pants (was she wearing her boots?)! And Yay for you for the fabulous blog! What super great pictures!

  10. Lynn Bynum says:

    Great blog Cookie! Thanks

    Sent from my iPhone

  11. Y’ll – I AM THE ONE – who needs a kick! I am just now reading this blog and this week is April JSS! How this got-by-me is a mystery! I canNOT believe You did not call me, Barb when I did NOT comment! Man-O-Man what a GRAND show ‘n tell! Missing Bee is the pits! Since I was so good at that last kick – do you think I could kick All Y’ll to repeat March show ‘n tell in April! Plahezzzzzzze! With Sugar on it! I am hopefully bringing Betty to Madelyn’s – that is worth repeating the show ‘n tell too! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE BLOG, BARB! FANTASTIC-O! (Heee heeee- I am feel -in’ another blog comin’ tomorrow!!!!)

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