This One’s for Sarah

I just got home from the JSS Christmas Party of the Century.  It was so fabulous I wish you all could have been there.  But then we would have had to rent a gymnasium.  So I guess it’s good that you all couldn’t come.  And I have 518 pictures.  Five Hundred and Eighteen.  You heard me.  So since it’s going to take me 3 weeks and 4 days to sort them all, I thought I’d give a brief sneak preview.  By the way – 499 of them were just of the food.

Our Dear Sarah couldn’t make it to the party today.  She was the only one who participated in our big Brown Bag Challenge that couldn’t be there.  So this blog is for Sarah.  Because she is anxiously awaiting news of what her quilt top looks like.  And who made it.  And how many calories we consumed.  Just kidding about the calories part.  Since she was not there, I think she couldn’t care less how many calories we ate.

Oh, and just kidding about the 499 pics of food too.  I have tons and tons of pictures of quilts.

So, Sarah, here’s the news:  your quilt top was really, really, really pretty.  I know because the person who made it really wanted to keep it.  And a few others wanted to take it home too.  It looked really nice with the fabric you put in the brown bag.  And yes, that was a good border print and the person who made it only used it in the border.

I hope that brief description will satisfy your need to know about your quilt.

The End.

Oh, you want to see a picture?  Silly me.

Well, first of all the maker of your quilt top was……..

L’il ol’ ME!  And I really did want to keep it.  This is Judy holding up an imaginary sign that says “Sarah” on it to show that she’s sitting in for Sarah.

This is Judy opening Sarah’s package for her.  We have to build the momentum here, folks.  And don’t you dare scroll down real fast to the bottom, Sarah!

This is Judy deciding that since Sarah couldn’t be there, she gets to keep Sarah’s quilt for herself.

This is me telling Judy that I’m pretty sure the rule is that if a person doesn’t show up to get their quilt and the maker really likes it, then the maker (that would be me) gets to keep it and not the person who just does the package opening.

Ooooooo – the first glimpse of the quilt.  Judy was pointing out how nice the “points” are.  And still trying to convince me that she gets to keep it.

Isn’t it pretty, Sarah?  Cindy and her Mom wanted to take it home too.  And everyone sufficiently oooed and aaahed so that the maker felt like she had done a good job.

This is me pointing out the fact that I did those not-so-easy mitered corners on the border.

This is me folding the quilt top so that I can take it home.  As you can see Judy is still trying to talk me out of it.  But I believe the words on my lips are “No, no, no.  The maker gets to keep it.  That’s the rule.”

By the way, I just made up the rule 5 minutes ago. 

And this is the quilt top hanging back on the design wall in my sewing room.  Come and get it, Sarah! 

Just kidding.  Apparently I am in a kidding mood today.  Somebody, not sure who, has taken the quilt top and it should be winging its way to Sarah soon.  By the way, Sarah lives in San Antonio and not just around the corner so she could just run on over and pick it up.

And since there were about 25 of us participating in the Brown Bag Challenge this year, you now understand why I have 518 pictures, don’t you?  At this rate, I have blog material for the next 6 weeks!

And that doesn’t even count the pics of the food.

More just as soon as I finish sorting all these pics.  Which really might take a few days, so try not to hurt yourself as you wait on those pins and needles.  Ouch.

Merry Christmas!

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7 Responses to This One’s for Sarah

  1. Doreen, Houston, MN says:

    That quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!! I’ve loved that pattern for a long time but have as yet not made it. Just completed the 2nd of 2 lap quilts designated as Christmas presents for my son and wife. With the two of them turning 40 a couple of months ago I decided maybe this year their gifts should be a little more special. Definitely a good feeling to have these done. Now, on to the annual Christmas letter. A Blessed Christmas to all and Joyous New Year!

  2. Sarah says:

    Barb, THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I love the quilt. It is just beautiful. I love the pattern and fabrics you used. I had totally forgotten what I had sent. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for all the fun festivities and to thank you in person, but Judy, you did a great job standing in for me. I really did scroll down very slowly and let the anticipation build. But you know what was almost as great as the fantastic quilt??? That you devoted an entire blog to me! I feel so privileged. Thanks again. I can’t wait to see it in person. And all the other hundred of photos you took of the others. I think you should call in sick to work tomorrow. You have a blog to write.

    • Judy Terry Linn says:

      You can REALLLLLY DRAG this out! Devote ONE blog, to EACH quilt!

      You know you are always wondering what should be next on the blog, scraping around for ‘material,’ …… well, maybe NOT!

      I know you could do it and it would be so FUN to relive all the comments of the party – yeah, I can hear your Lucy holler – aaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkk – or was it Charlie Brown!

      Just Sayin’
      Hee Hee,
      Love U, Barb!!!

  3. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    Sarah’s quilt is beautiful. I love the background fabric with the border, they blend to feel sophisticated yet homey and cosy at the same time. Cool blocks on point, Barb you did an excellent job! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see the others.

  4. Diane Wyte says:

    Wow – fabulous quilt- love the pattern and the border and the blocks too — Barb did a wonderful job – lucky, lucky Sarah!! My favorites are red, white and blue – sort of – I like more too —– these pics are so great – I love seeing everyone. One day I will tell my story of starting with JSS!!!!! You all look fabulous —- and you have no idea how many times I talk about JSS to my small quilt group here in sunny St James, NC — we get our ideas from you! Miss you!! Hugs to all —-cannot wait for more pics on the blog —

    • Judy Terry Linn says:

      YOU are MISSED! Let’s see some pics of your group’s quilts! Is there a blogger among you? Can’t wait to see what you have been working on!
      We talked about you at the party!!!

  5. Lynda Hansard says:

    Barb. You are the very best blogger in all blogdome! I am so happy to see all the great quilts ! Thank you so much. It was almost as good as being there. Where are the challenge fabric projects? Did I miss them or forget? Lynda

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