A Guest Photographer at Handi Quilter

Recently Dear Hubby went on a trip.  To Salt Lake City.  To the Handi Quilter facilities.  With his Dear Sister.  You know her as Pam.  You’ve seen her before on the blog.  But wait!  I have pictures!


Here they are at dinner one evening in Salt Lake City.  Their mother is really going to enjoy the blog today.  Hi Mom!

But I should explain.  Dear Sis, Pam, is opening a new business in Grapevine, Texas.  She is going to sell Handi Quilter Machines.  She’s going to do lots of other things at her little shop too.  She’d love to tell you all about it, I’m sure.  I considered putting her cell phone number here in the blog today, but was afraid she couldn’t handle the overload of the millions, maybe billions, of blog fans who would be calling her to hear all about it.  So you’ll just have to watch here for further details as she begins to get things ready for her big Opening Day.  I think I need to schedule a blog appointment to take pics of the new place, don’t you think?

Anyway, Dear Hubby is going to be her super-duper, handy-dandy mechanic for her machines.  He’s really good with those mechanical things.  He likes to take things apart and put them back together again.  And he mostly gets all the parts back in the proper places.  Without having parts leftover.  Always a good day when there are no parts leftover.  Pam took him along to get some training on these specialized machines at the offices in Salt Lake City.  And I had four nice quiet days at home with nobody to cook for except me, Boo and Miss Kitty.  Thanks, Pam!

Side note:  Miss Kitty has finally decided that she likes me.  Guess that’s what four days with Dear Hubby gone will do for a cat who was totally bonded to him.  She thought he deserted her.  And that she better warm up to me real quick if she wanted to survive live the good life.  The life that she observed Boo living.

Here’s the Handi Quilter building.  I like their sign.  “Any day spent quilting is a good day.”  Sounds good to me!  By the way, in case you haven’t guessed it, Dear Hubby is the guest photographer.  Unless he is in the picture.  Then I think he handed the camera off to any Tom, Dick or Harry willing to push the button on the camera.

Here’s the class in the training room.  Don’t they look engrossed in their training?  While Dear Hubby flits around taking pics for the blog.  He’s learned well, hasn’t he?

Look at all those machines.  Ready and waiting for quilting lessons.  I bet Pam was itching to get her hands on one.

The boys got the machines with their innards exposed.  They like to play with machine innards.

By the way, I’m mostly making up the commentary as we go along.  That’s because I do my best blogging at 1:30 a.m. and Dear Hubby has been asleep for hours and hours.  So I can’t ask him to clarify things for me.  Pam can correct me in the comments.  I’ll try to sufficiently embellish on all stories so that I keep your interest.

This pretty much looks like a warehouse to me.  Machines all getting boxed up and ready to head out the door.  To Grapevine, Texas.  Pam is going to need a boatload, or maybe a truckload, of machines to satisfy all the quilters in North Texas for sure.

They got bags and scissors.  I know because Dear Hubby brought one of these home.  (No embellishment necessary here.)

See?  I told you Pam couldn’t wait to get her hands on a machine.

Nice doodling, Pam!  I think you need a bit more practice.  Or is this Dear Hubby’s doodling?

There were nice quilts on the walls everywhere too. 

And look!  They even got pictures of the food!  Dear Hubby has learned well about what’s necessary to be a guest photographer on this blog.  I have no idea what this food is, but it sure looks yummy!

The boys like to tip the machines up and check out all the parts and pieces.

And the innards.  They are all about those mechanical innards.

They saw this cool chandelier on their way to dinner at a fancy-schmancy restaurant one night.  At least I think that’s where they saw this.  Sounds good so I’m going with that story.  Pretty cool ceiling too, isn’t it?

And they totally forgot to take pics of the food that night.  At the fancy-schmancy restaurant.  But look at the view out the windows!

Here’s another……

I guess with a view like that, you might be too busy looking out the windows to remember to take pictures of the food.

Nice view of the Salt Lake City countryside.

Last one out the window.  Just because the picture was taken and I thought you needed to see it.

And this one as they were leaving the restaurant.  I know that because it’s quite a bit darker outside.  I’m pretty smart, aren’t I?

All around the HQ facility there were fun little signs.  And Dear Hubby took pictures of them all.  Thought I’d share the best of the best.

This one is for all my perfectionist friends.  Now they will all consider themselves searching for excellence instead of perfection.  But I will still consider them perfectionists.  They can’t fool me!

Works for me!

I’m so glad to learn this.  I was very worried I wasn’t getting enough exercise.  Not.

A nice, serious one……

And the nieces…. and the nephews…..

Amen.  And Amen.

Pam’s new motto.

Cute.  Real cute.

Just had to share this one.  Wonder if Dick, Harry or Lucy took it.  Good shot, whoever you are.  Maybe it was just the good subjects.  Good smiles.  Isn’t this a good one, Mom?

Yeah!  Another food shot!  And it looks yummy.  I can identify it too.  Lasagna, salad and bread.  Lunch on their last day.  Maybe it just looks yummy because I’m writing this at 2:00 a.m. and I’m hungry.  But it will look yummy to you if you read this before breakfast.  And check this out…….

Dessert.  I want some.  Now.  Chocolate whipped cream yumminess.  <gulp>  Wouldn’t it be good with morning coffee right about now?

One more shot of the whole gang.  Looks like they had a fun time, doesn’t it?

So now you can all head on out to Grapevine and see Pam’s new place.  The Quilting Depot.  Just as soon as she has her Grand Opening.  When is the Grand Opening, Pam?

And many thanks to our Guest Photographer!


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6 Responses to A Guest Photographer at Handi Quilter

  1. Lani says:

    Excellent blog! Love the commentary! The guest photographer was superb! And brother and sister look happy as can be! What a wonderful adventure for them to do together! I’m sure Mom must be “popping her buttons” seeing those pics of her beautiful children….always a proud moment for a mom, no matter what age!
    I can’t wait for the next blog with the machines all set up in Grapevine!!

  2. Susan Bancroft says:

    That’s the best looking brother and sister I have ever seen–what great pics! I rate the Mark-and-Pam pics as the best, then the food–LOL! And the photos of the quotes were terrific! Wow, Mark, you are good!! (Seriously, I’d have thought Barb was there.) What a fun blog to catch up on Pam’s new quilting adventure!
    Thank you, Barb…I mean, Mark (or is it Barb?)! 🙂

  3. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    I am always delighted by this blog. Handsome, beautiful, (the brother and sister) entertaining (ala Barb) and just a lot of fun to know of Pam’s new venture. She looks so happy and excited, I’m praying for her and her excellent repairman to have success in every way.

  4. Sandi says:

    Really great blog today!!! Food on the table ID is…Tomatoes, sourcream, cheese, beans, hamburger,lettuce, Ranch dressing, chocolate chip cookies. Do I get a star??
    Sounds like Mark is going to be in business with Pam. Good team.

  5. Joyce says:

    I am so happy for Pam…and her brother Mark…I do miss see her…

  6. Patty Spinelli says:

    Your hubby did a great job with taking the pictures.
    I so enjoyed this blog! I have just been able to have time to
    read it. It was great…

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